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ANTOJITOS (appetizers)

Mexican Street Corn
Corn on the cob with mayonnaise, queso cotija, chile and lime. Delicious! 9.99

Queso Fundido (Cheese Fondue)
Chihuahua cheese with grilled chorizo and roasted peppers. Side of warm tortillas. 11.99

Braised chicken crunchy roll ups covered in sour cream, lettuce, queso fresco, guacamole and salsa verde. 10.99

Shrimp Ceviche
Gulf shrimp marinated in lime juice, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, onions and cilantro. 12.99

Naked Tacos (in lettuce wraps)
Three chorizo and chicken tacos with tortilla crisp, pico de gallo, avocado salsa and fresh cheese. 12.99

Nachos Capitalinos
Ground beef or chicken topped with beans, melted cheese, lettuce, olives, sour cream, pico de gallo and garnished with queso fresco. 13.99
Grilled Steak 11.99

Nachos Azteca
Grilled chicken and steak strips over tortilla chips with beans, Mexican cheese, sour cream, grilled corn and cheese sauce. 13.99


Served with our house chips.

De La Casa
Ripe avocados with lime juice, chopped tomato, fresh jalapeño, cilantro, onions, garlic and salt. 11.99

Fresh avocado, roasted poblano peppers, onion, roasted tomato and corn kernels, cilantro, jalapeño, salt and garlic. Garnished with queso fresco. 13.99

Pineapple ‘Rita
Fresh avocado, roasted pineapple, crispy bacon, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, peppers. Garnished with mozzarella cheese. 13.99

ENSALADAS Y SOPAS (salads & soups)

Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic

Taco Bowl
Seasoned Ground Beef Or Shredded Chicken in a crispy taco shell with romaine lettuce, onions, tomatoes, black olives, melted cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Garnished with cheddar cheese. 12.99
Grilled chicken or steak 13.99

Cali Sur Salad
Chicken strips, crispy romaine, tomatoes, avocado, pineapple, mango, red onion, bacon and cucumber. Garnished with fresco cheese. 12.99

Tortilla Soup
Light tomato based soup with fresh onions, tomatoes, avocado, rice, fresco cheese, pulled chicken and crispy tortilla strips. bowl 6.99 • cup 4.99


Chile Relleno al Pastor
Fresh poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and adobo marinated pork tenderloin and topped with artisanal creamy chipotle sauce, sliced avocado, queso fresco, rice and black beans. 14.99

Torta de Carnitas (Mexican Street Sandwich)
Pulled pork served on a Mexican roll, fried beans, lettuce, cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo. 11.99

Carnitas de Cerdo
Braised pork served with, pico de gallo, queso fresco, tomatillo sauce, rice, beans and tortillas. 16.99


Fajita Quesadilla
Grilled steak or chicken with bell peppers and onions smothered with melted cheese. Side of rice, lettuce, and sour cream. 14.99

Mexicali Quesadilla
Chicken, spinach and corn with jack cheese, lettuce, sour cream and a side of Yucatan rice. 14.99

El Paso Quesadilla
Large tortilla filled with cheese and choice of meat. Side of Yucatan rice, lettuce, sour cream and tomatoes.
Choose: Grilled Chicken, Steak, Carnitas (Pork), or Veggie (spinach, onions, mushrooms) 13.99

MEX MIXTA COMBOS (combinations)

Create your own combo from the following items:

Burrito (smothered in red sauce)
TostadaChile Relleno

With your choice of:
Braised ChickenSeasoned Ground Beef
Steak (+ 50¢) • Shredded Beef
Pulled Pork (+ 50¢) • Chorizo (+ 50¢)
Bean & CheeseVeggies & Cheese

Served with Mexican rice and refried or black beans.
(2) Items 11.99 • (3) Items 13.99


Cinco de Mayo
Large tortilla stuffed with Yucatan-style pulled pork, rice, beans, and cheese. Topped with our special creamy red, white and green sauce. 14.99

San Luis
Grilled Steak OR Chicken, sautéed bell pepper, tomatoes, and onions covered in cheese sauce. Side of rice, beans, topped with lettuce and sour cream. 16.99
Shrimp + 3.00

Grilled chicken with black beans, sour cream, jack cheese and Mexican rice. Smothered in cheese with creamy chile de arbol salsa, topped with queso fresco. 14.99

Amigo Burrito
Filled with rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo with a side of avocado salsa
Choose: Asada Steak, Chorizo, Grilled Chicken, Carnitas Pork, Vegetables, or Tinga. 11.99


Filled with Seasoned Ground Beef, Shredded Chicken, Steak (+1.00) or Shrimp (+2.00) covered with melted cheese and mild sauce. Side of rice & beans, lettuce, and sour cream. 13.99

Stuffed with braised chicken and spinach covered with melted cheese and green tomatillo sauce. Served with lettuce, and sour cream and rice. 14.99


Grilled skirt steak, on three soft corn tortillas, Mexican style (cilantro & onions) OR American style (lettuce, tomato, cheese) and artisanal tomatillo sauce. Side of rice and beans. 14.99

Grilled chicken, pico de gallo, sliced avocado, queso fresco on three corn tortillas. Side of rice and black beans. 14.99

Al Pastor
Pork tenderloin, marinated in smoky guajillo sauce, grilled with pineapple. Topped with onions, cilantro, queso fresco and avocado salsa on three corn tortillas. Side of rice and beans. 14.99

Chile-Lime Seasoned Shrimp OR Grilled Tilapia, cole slaw a la Mexicana on three corn or flour tortillas. Side of homemade seafood dressing and a piece of Mexican street corn. 14.99

Taco Nation
Flour or Corn Tortilla 3.75 each
Filling: Ground beef, shredded beef, chicken, steak, chorizo, pastor, carnitas, veggies & cheese, tilapia
Two Toppings: lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, mex-style, avocado salsa, chipotle, salsa, tomatillo salsa, sour cream

Crispy Avocado Tacos
Lightly fried avocado, black beans, shredded cabbage, poblano sauce, pico de gallo, crispy bacon, jack cheese and cilantro in warm corn tortillas with side of Mexican street corn. 13.99


(3) enchiladas with Braised Chicken Or Seasoned Ground Beef, jack cheese, tangy mild sauce, lettuce, and sour cream. Side of rice and beans. 14.99

Santa Fe
(5) chicken, beef, cheese, bean, shredded beef covered with mild sauce. Side of lettuce and sour cream. 14.99

(3) grilled steak sautéed with poblano peppers and creamy chipotle sauce. Served with rice and black beans garnished with queso fresco. 15.99
Shrimp + 2.00

ESPECIALIDADES DE POLLO (chicken specialties)

Pollo Borracho
Tender chicken breast marinated in a spiced tequila lime sauce sautéed with red onions, fresh jalapeño, tomatoes and chopped avocado, with rice and beans. Garnished with queso fresco. 17.99

Grilled chicken topped with chorizo sausage and melted jack cheese. Side of Yucatan rice, black beans and flour tortillas. 17.99

Arroz con Pollo
Adobo chicken breast strips with grilled mushrooms, over rice. Smothered in melted cheese. Side of guacamole salad and warm tortillas. 17.99

Grilled chicken topped with roasted poblano peppers and pico de gallo, melted cheese, salsa verde. Served with Mexican rice and sautéed vegetables. 17.99

MARISCOS (seafood)

Mexican Paella
Sautéed shrimp, mussels, calamari, chicken, pork and chorizo with peppers and rice. 21.99

Cantina Camarones (choose your style)
Large grilled shrimp over cheesy rice. Served with lettuce, slices of avocado, tomatoes, red onions and queso fresco. 21.99
A la Mexicana (with pico de gallo)
Estilo Zuiso (covered with red mild sauce and cheese
Al Mojo de Ajo (with sautéed garlic and scallions)
A La Diabla (smothered in spicy Sauce)

Sur Tilapia
Fresh tilapia fillet sautéed with fresh spinach, cilantro and butter sauce served on a bed of veggies and Yucatan rice. 20.99

CARNE (steak)

Marinated grilled skirt steak with green onions. Side of rice and beans with guacamole salad and grilled queso fresco. 22.99

Char broiled skirt steak. spiced tequila lime sauce sautéed with red onions, fresh jalapeño, tomatoes and chopped avocado. Side rice and queso fresco. 22.99

Char broiled skirt steak topped with guacamole and shrimp with a roasted red pepper sauce, black beans, grilled queso fresco, lettuce, pico de gallo and Yucatan rice. 26.99


Served on a hot Molcajete (Lava Stone). Please be careful and do not touch.
Red and green roasted peppers, red onions, artisanal salsa, Jack cheese, beans, rice, lettuce, sour cream and tortillas.

El Toro Grilled Skirt Steak 20.99

Rita’s Grilled Marinated Chicken 20.99

Coronado Grilled Skirt Steak and Chicken 23.99

Mr. Molcajete Shrimp, Steak & Chicken 26.99


Charro Fajitas
Grilled bell peppers, tomatoes and onions. Side of rice and beans, warm tortillas, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream.
Chicken 18.99 • Grilled Steak 18.99 Chicken & Steak 18.99 • Chicken & Shrimp 24.99 Steak & Shrimp 24.99

Vegetarian’s Delight
Grilled zucchini, squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes and onions. Served with rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and tortillas. 16.99

Grilled onions and peppers topped with grilled chicken, steak and shrimp. Side of Mexican corn on the cob, rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and tortillas. 24.99

Grilled skirt steak, chicken, pork, chorizo sausage and potatoes sautéed with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions. Side of rice, beans, tortillas, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. 25.99


Cheese Dip 6.99

Rice or Beans 3.49

Black Beans 3.49

Jalapeños 99¢

Habanero Sauce 99¢

Tomatillo Sauce 99¢

Sour Cream 50¢

Pico de Gallo 2.49

Side Guacamole 4.99

Please ask your server for our Gluten Free items.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.